Dagaz Rune Meaning



d and voiced th as in “then.”


The light of day.

Germanic Gothic Old English Old Norse
dagaz dags dæg dagr
day day day day (not in younger row)

Light, Polarity, Syncretization, “Ódhinic paradox”.


  • Attaining mystical moment through penetration of the secret of the Ódhinic paradox.
  • Reception of mystical inspiration – the gift of Ódhinn.

Dagaz is the light of day, perceived at the moments of sunrise and sunset, dawn and twilight. It is the rune of total awakening. The mystery of this rune is expressed in the invocatory verses spoken by Sigrdrífa when she is awakened from a magical slumber by the hero Sigurdhr (” the warder of victory”):

Hail Day!
Hail to Day’s sons!
Hail Night and her daughter!
Look upon us twain
with loving eyes
and give those sitting here speed!

Hail the Gods!
Hail the Goddesses!
Hail the much needed earth!
Sayings and sage wit
give to us, the storied ones,
and healing hands in this life!

(Poetic Edda “Sigrdifumal” stanzas 2-3)

The D-rune represents the ritual fire of the hearth and the mystic light perceived by the vitki in magical operations. Dagaz is the synthesis of the powers of day and night through the concepts of dawn and twilight. This is expressed by the heavenly phenomena of the morning and evening stars – as symbols of the divine twins.

This is the rune of polarity and of the “Ódhinic paradox,” which is the central mystery of the Ódhinic cult. It is embodied in the paradoxical nature of the god Ódhinn himself and is best explained in terms of the “mystical moment.” This is the moment that is sought out and that is found in the vortex of polarized concepts. These concepts are syncretized through a secret “alchemy” in which two extremes become one. Dagaz is that time/place in which darkness and light, pleasure and pain, life and death, body and soul, matter and energy are synthesized into a common concept that goes beyond their perceived opposition. In dagaz, language fails.


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