Gebo Rune Meaning



g as in “gift”


That which is exchanged between gods and men.

Germanic Gothic Old English Old Norse
gebo giba gyfu gipt
gift, hospitality gift gift, generosity gift, wedding (not in the younger row)

Magical force, Giver-giving-given-given to, Ecstasy, Sacrifice, Sex magic.


  • Sex magic.
  • Sex magical initiation.
  • Mystical union.
  • Increase in magical powers.
  • Harmony between brothers and sisters and lovers.
  • Magical influence in human and divine worlds.
  • Acquisition of wisdom.

Gebo is the rune of “god,” that is, the eminent unconscious magical force present in the Ginnungagap (magically charged void) before the formation of the Worlds. The holy mystery of the two (or many) in one.

It is the giver, the giving, the given, and that which is given to; “the subject, verb, direct object and indirect object of the multiverse.” This also describes a part of the mystery of sacrifice as the gift (ultimately of power) that is given to mankind by the gods in order to maintain the ecology of cosmic power.

By the power of this rune, persons are bound together through an act of will in order to effect a result. This stave symbolizes the root force of runic orders, the retinue system, etc.

The G-rune has some functional similarities to the A-rune since it is also a rune of ecstasy. It is the mystery of ecstatic magical power that is perceived and retained by the vitki as numinous knowledge.

Gebo contains the secrets of psychically joining two people (usually male/female), or several persons, in order that they may produce a creative power greater than their sum total. This is the rune of sex magic. Sex magic was practiced in ancient Germanic times, especially for the acquisition of numinous knowledge and wisdom. Sigurdhr, the greatest of Germanic heroes, was initiated into runic wisdom by the valkyrja called Sigrdrifa (Brynhildr) in a ritualistic scene rich in sexual symbolism (a child is born from their union). This was the usual mode of sex magic in which energy was exchanged along the male/female polarity. Further evidence for this is provided by the eighteenth-rune stanza of the “Hávamál” (stanza 164):

That eighteenth I know,
which I never reveal
to maid or man’s wife
anything is better
than if one knows it
this leads to the last of the songs

but only for that one,
who embraces me
or that be my sister.

Gebo is the rune of the brotherly or sisterly lover, and it is the psychosexual force exchanged between two poles of power-human to human, or divine to divine. In the latter case, gebo describes the sexual life force used in fertility magic and that used in shamanistic practices.


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