Hagalaz Rune Meaning





Icy egg or seed of primal cosmic life and pattern.

Germanic Gothic Old English Old Norse
hagalaz hagl hægl hagall
hail, egg (?) hail hail hail

Cosmic pattern/framework, Completion, Union (cosmic egg), Evolution (within the framework), Protection.


  • Completeness and balance of power.
  • Mystical and numinous experience and knowledge.
  • Evolutionary, becoming operations.
  • Protection.

Hagalaz is the cosmic ice egg that is filled with crystalized magical power and cosmic pattern. The hailstone is the symbol of the yeasty rime “egg” that contains the seed of Ymir, the primal rime-giant. Ymir was formed from the juncture of world fire of Muspellsheimr and world ice of Niflheimr. This is the complete potential multiversal paradigm – the egg of manifestation. This “seed” concept is emphasized in the Old Icelandic Rune Poem:

Hagall is a cold grain
and a shower of sleet
and a sickness of snakes

The H-rune is the mystery of the framework of the world and defines the primal form of the multiverse. The snowflake forms itself along the sixfold pattern of the old holy sign : ᚼ :, which came to replace : ᚺ : in the Younger Futhark.

Hagalaz is the complete model containing the potential energy of a neutral power in the multiverse, which is born from the dynamic, generating, evolving unity of fire (energy) and ice (antimatter).

The H-rune describes the eternal cosmic harmony.
In Germanic religion and mythology, the number nine is the most sacred and mysterious of numbers, there are nine worlds in Yggdrasill Ódhinn hung for nine nights on that tree to gain the runes, the god Heimdallr was born of nine mothers, and so on. This is the number of a completeness that leads to a birth of greater power and productivity.

Hagalaz is the rune mother; this is because of its numerical value and its shape, : ᚼ : (which may indeed be the primary one). All the runic forms may be derived from the sixfold hagalaz when it is placed within a solid figure.

The H-rune embodies ongoing evolution within a fixed framework.
Hagalaz is a stave of protection and banishment because its complete and harmonious nature promotes special security and prevents the intrusion of disharmonious elements.


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