Isa Rune Meaning



(pronounced ee as in “deed”)


Primal matter/antimatter.

Germanic Gothic Old English Old Norse
isa eis is íss
ice ice ice ice

World ice, Antimatter, Concentration, Ego.


  • Development of concentration and will.
  • Constriction, halting of unwanted dynamic forces.
  • Basic ego integration within a balanced multiversal system.
  • Power of control and constraint over other wights.

The I-rune is the antipolar force to the F-rune. Isa is a world-ice that flows forth from Niflheimr. It does not represent matter, but rather a concept of antimatter, which, when combined with the energy flowing from Muspellsheimr leads to the formation of what we call “matter” (Midhgardhr). Isa may be equated in some cases with the prima materia of other philosophies. In many ways, this mystery may be symbolized by the “black hole.” The I-rune is the force of attraction, gravity, inertia, entropy in the multiverse. In mythology, aspects of this force are represented by the rime-giants (hrimthursar). Isa is a stillness and lack of vibration – a unique mystery in the Germanic cosmogony/cosmology. This concept is as metaphysical as that which is called “spirit.”

Ice and fire are the forces through which the world is created, but they are also the forces that will bring “existence” to an end. Isa is a symbol for the individual ego because of its centralizing and concentrating effect. It is a force that holds the ego-self together during the stressful trials of the initiation process, and as such, it is a bridge between the worlds and over waters.


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