Jera Rune Meaning



j (pronounced y as in “yard”)


Life cycle, the cycle of the sun.

Germanic Gothic Old English Old Norse
jera jér gér ár
the (good) year, harvest year year year, (good) season

Cyclical development, Solar year cycle (12), Reward, Fruition, Eagle.


  • Fertility, creativity.
  • Peace, harmony.
  • Enlightenment.
  • Realization of the cyclical nature of the multiverse.
  • Realization of the mystery of the omnipresent circumference.
  • Bringing other concepts into material manifestation.

Jera embodies the cyclical pattern of the universe expressed in the formula arising-being / becoming-passing-away to new arising. This is a basic pattern working throughout the rune row. The J-rune is one of the two “central runes” in the scheme of the Elder Futhark, and it defines the cyclical nature of the ever-becoming horizontal plane. It is the secret of the omnipresent circumference.

This is the mystery of the twelve-fold cycle of the yearly solar cycle. Raidho is the daily path and guiding force of the sun, Jera her yearly path, and sowilo the archetypal sun herself.

Jera is the reward for honorable, right, and lawful {natural} past action. This has no real moral implications – it is a natural law. If the sowing is done correctly, according to tradition, and “luck” (hamingja) is with you, then the reaping should be great. It is the fruition of efforts well spent toward a willed or instinctual goal. This is true and valid for the numinous as well as phenomenological realms.

The cosmic fertility aspect of this rune points to the Yanic god Freyr, who is invoked til árs ok fridhar (for good season [harvest] and peace). The Old Norse name ár provides us with the popular association of this rune with the eagle (ON ari) as a symbol of the swift flight of the archetypal sun.


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