Kenaz Rune Meaning





The controlled fire, cremation. The Gothic and Old Norse names are secondary-internal fire, inflammation, etc.

Germanic Gothic Old English Old Norse
kenaz kusma cén kaun
torch swelling torch sore, boil

Controlled energy, Ability, Transformation, Regeneration, Will to generate, Sexual lust, Creativity.


  • Strengthening of abilities in all realms.
  • Creative inspiration.
  • Higher polarization as a tool of operation.
  • Operations of regeneration, healing.
  • Love (especially sexual love).

The K-rune portrays the mystery of regeneration through death or sacrifice. This is the fire rune, that is, fire under human control in the form of the torch (as opposed to the more raw and archetypal power present in the F-rune).

Ritually, kenaz is the fire of creation, sacrifice, the hearth and the forge-fire controlled by mankind toward a willed result. Cremation as a funeral rite facilitates the transference of the psychic aspects of the psychosomatic complex to new and regenerated forms and prevents their return to the spent forms. The fire of the sacrifice cooks and makes the flesh of the sacrificial animal sacred and acceptable for consumption by men and gods. The fire is always viewed as a transforming and regenerating force.

Kenaz is the ability and the will to generate and create. Therefore, it is the rune of the artist and craftsman, and the technical aspects of magic. Again, the importance of controlled fire-controlled energy – is apparent. The controlled power of the psyche is combined with the controlled energy of nature, and this results in a crafted object. This is the “human rune,” the rune of humankind.

A large amount of knowledge and technical lore is embodied in the K-rune, knowledge combined with ability.

The mystery of the creation of a third from the combination of two is also an aspect of kenaz. Opposites are bound together in an aesthetic fashion and the results of that union brought into manifestation.

The K-rune is the rune of human passion, lust, and sexual love as positive attributes. This is the emotional root of creativity in all realms of action. The goddess Freyja finds many correspondences with this aspect of the rune. Kenaz also is important to the concept kin, and especially to that part of a clanic tradition that professes a unity of the living and dead members of the clan, existing in a syncretic form of conscious life force.


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