Laguz Rune Meaning





Life energy and organic growth.

Germanic Gothic Old English Old Norse
laguz or laukaz lagus lagu lögr or laukr
a body of water or leek water sea, water sea, water or leek

Life, Primal water, Passage to and from life, Growth, Vital power.


  • Guidance through difficult initiatory tests.
  • Increase in vitality and life force.
  • Gathering of amorphous magical power for formation and structuring by the will.
  • Increase in “magnetism.”
  • Development of “second sight.”

Laguz is the basic life energy in the multiverse and the secret source of all organic life. Laguz is the law (ON lög) of life, throughout all the multiverse as well as in Midhgardhr. These are the layers (laws) of past cosmic and human action that govern the future development of life form.

The L-rune represents the primal waters in Niflheimr that contain the latent, amorphous potential of life, which must be solidified as ice and energized by the fire of Muspellsheimr before the potential can be actualized in the manifested pattern.

This is a potent rune of initiation – especially the initiation into life. In heathen times a newborn child was sprinkled with water and given its name after it had shown itself worthy of life. This reintegrated the child into the life force of its clan. The mystery of vatni ausa (the ritual of sprinkling with water) predates Christian influence and is a feature of the ancient Nordic doctrine of rebirth – aptrburdhr. The functions of the U- and L-runes are closely interrelated on different levels.

Laguz also includes the watery rite of passage at the end of life – the crossing of the primeval waters to the realm of the dead. The myths of Ódhinn as the ferryman of the souls are important in this regard. The ship burials of the Vikings and the symbolic water crossing indicated by them also are illustrative of this belief.

The form laukaz also means “leek,” which is expressed in the Old Norse rune name laukr. This is a symbol of organic growth, phallic power (virtue), and fertility in the physical as well as spiritual realms. The L-rune rules over the lore of herbal magic, known in Old Norse as lyf and in Old English as lac-nunga. The ítrlaukr (shining leek) was often given to a young man once he had proved himself as a warrior.


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