Naudhiz Rune Meaning





Need-fire and deliverance from distress.

Germanic Gothic Old English Old Norse
naudhiz nauths nýd naudh(r)
need, (fatalistic) compulsion necessity, need need, distress distress, need, constraint

Resistance, Distress, Deliverance (need-fire), Stepping-forth-into-manifestation.


  • Overcoming distress or negative ørlög.
  • Development of magical will.
  • Development of “spiritual” powers.
  • Use of the force of “resistance” under will toward magical goals.
  • Sudden inspiration.
  • Eliminates hate and strife.
  • Creates a need for order.
  • Recognition of personal need.
  • Protection.
  • Love magic-to obtain a lover.
  • Divination.

Naudhiz is the cosmic force used by the powers that form the “fates” of mankind and the world. For an analysis of the Germanic concept of “fate” (ørlög) and these “shaping powers” (Nornir), see the P-rune. The N-rune does not represent ørlög; rather it embodies a cosmic force necessary to its formulation, that of resistance. It is a synthesis of an implicit thesis and antithesis that is expressed throughout the rune row. Naudhiz is a two-pronged concept. It contains the idea of distress but also deliverance from that distress. This idea is well expressed in the pertinent stanza in the Old English Rune Poem:

(Need) constricts the heart,
tho to the bairns of men it often becomes
help and health nevertheless,
if they heed it in time.

The N-rune is the self-created fire, the need-fire, created by friction/resistance to serve the needs of man in the material as well as spiritual realms. Naudhiz is the will-directed action, with knowledge and wisdom, which may act as a counterforce to the often negative powers of ørlög. The motto for this rune provided by Guido von List sums up this aspect of the N-rune quite neatly: “Nütze dein Schicksal, widerstrebe ihm nicht!” (Use thy destiny, do not strive against it!).

Naudhiz also represents the concept of stepping-forth-into-manifestation. This idea originated with the creation of the Nornir. At that time resistance was born in the universe, laws of causality went into action, and the seeds of the “destruction” of the world of the gods were sown. This must not be understood within the context of any type of “moral evil” or similar concepts. The holy Nornir also help sustain the multiverse by constantly pouring water from Urdhr’s well onto the world-tree so that it will not wither and die.

Because of the sexual elements inherent in the symbolism of this stave, the N-rune became a powerful tool in Icelandic love magic. Also, it is a strong rune of protection – especially spiritual protection.


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