Othala Rune Meaning





Immobile hereditary property.

Germanic Gothic Old English Old Norse
othala othal éthel ódhal
ancestral property property homeland, property nature, inborn quality, property (not in younger row)

Sacred enclosure, Inherited power, Preserved freedom, Prosperity.


  • Maintaining order among fellows.
  • Concentration on common interests in home and family.
  • Shift from ego-centricity to clano-centricity.
  • Collection of numinous power and knowledge from past generations.
  • Acquisition of wealth and prosperity.

The mystery of othala is symbolized by the stronghold enclosure of the clan, which defines its holy boundary and serves to defend it against the unholy intruders. It is the essence of the cosmic concept of Midhgardhr – the enclosure in the middle.

The O-rune also is a sign of inborn qualities that are the result of descent from a certain clan or tribe. This is essentially spiritual in origin and is ultimately derived from the divine ancestry plus past action of the ancestors. Othala is the mystery of the fylgja as a spiritual source of magical power, which results from the virtuous deeds of past generations as runic imprints into the “genetic codes” of the descendants – a powerful rune of Ódhinn. The stave form : ᛟ : serves as a monogram of Ódhinn.

It is a symbol of that which is inherited through the generations by the whole clan in both the material and spiritual realms. It is as immovable as the land and cannot be transferred out of the clan/tribe. However, through the institution of marriage, those outside the clan have access to its power through integration with it.

Othala is the wise and just management of the land by the noble ones: those possessed of the spiritual power of this rune in accordance with clanic tradition and law.

This is the rune of material prosperity and well-being. It works together with the complementary concept of mobile property – power contained in the F-rune to develop and maintain this important quality in the multiverse. Othala is the rune that provides human liberty in a secure and lawful society, integrated with itself and with its environment. It is preserved clanic and tribal law on a spiritual level. In Ásatrú, this rune is expressed by the kindred.


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