Raidho Rune Meaning





The solar wagon, and the chariot of Thórr.

Germanic Gothic Old English Old Norse
raidho raidha rádh reidh
wagon wagon, ride a riding, way riding, chariot

Right action and order, Cosmic cyclical law, Religion-magic, Ritual, Rhythm, Journey.


  • Strengthens ritual abilities and experience.
  • Access to “inner advice.”
  • Raises consciousness to right and natural processes.
  • Blending with personal and world rhythms.
  • Obtaining justice according to right.

Raidho is the cosmic law of right and archetypal order in the multiverse. This is expressed by such natural phenomena as the daily path of the sun and the cycles of nature and humanity. The R-rune is the mystery of divine law, manifest in both the multiverse and in humanity.

Raidho came to be a symbol for organized religion, or better said, of Ásatrú, the ancient form of Germanic religion. In ancient times the external, self-conscious order of religion was much less fixed because of the internal, unconscious, and instinctual order of holiness. This internal order found expression in institutions that were a balanced blend of religion, magic, and law (politics). Today the R-rune is a symbol of the “way back to right,” through the conscious efforts of ásatrúarfólk to recover the essence of the primal order.

This rune represents the right order of the initiate’s journey through the paths of the Nine Worlds of Yggdrasill. Good advice and judgment according to right are ascribed to

Another important aspect of the mystery of the R-rune is that of ritual; that is, the arrangement of energy and actions according to a cosmic order for a specific purpose. Here the emphasis is on the right ordering of these energies.

Raidho is the channeling of force according to natural laws along the right road leading to the right result. It describes, and analyzes, a certain aspect necessary to the working of the laws of cause and effect (see also the P-rune).

The concept of rhythm and dance also are important to the R-rune. This rhythm is embodied in all the worlds of the multiverse. Through rhythmic action and ritual dance the vitki may perceive and blend with the personal rhythm, and in turn become one with the world rhythm and dance. This is the rune of that rhythmic ritual dance, which still should be practiced today.

Raidho also may be expressed in the concept of spiral development. This is in accordance with the traditional ideology of the cycles of existence, ever in circles but always rising (or sinking) toward a goal – the point. Reaching this goal is not an end but a transformation and a new beginning for another outward expansion.

In popular tradition, it is a symbol for the Vehmic Court, and as such, it is a sign of the deep indigenous religious laws of the folk having precedence over those of the civil authority.


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