Thurisaz Rune Meaning



voiceless th as in “thorn”


Ása-Thórr, the enemy of unfriendly forces.

Germanic Gothic Old English Old Norse
thurisaz thiuth thorn thur
he strong one, giant the good one thorn giant

Force of destruction/defense, Action, Applied power, Direction of polarities, Regeneration (following destruction).


  • Defense (active).
  • Destruction of enemies, curses.
  • Awakening of the will to action.
  • Preparedness for a generation in all realms.
  • Love magic.
  • Knowledge of the division and unity of all things.

Thurisaz is the directed cosmic force of destruction and defense. It is the archetypal instinctual will, without self-consciousness. The TH-rune is a symbol of lightning and thunder and is equated with Mjöllnir, the hammer of Thórr. This weapon is the destroyer of the etins and the protector of Midhgardhr and Asgardhr. Thorr is in many ways similar to the giants (thursar) in his size and brute strength and is therefore ideal as a counterforce to them. The Æsir constantly strive to maintain their enclosures in the multiverse, and the power of this rune is invaluable in this effort. The idea expressed by this aspect of thurisaz is identical with that of the hammer sign Ʇ. This is the forward-thrusting force of destruction of powers hostile to cosmic order. These hostile powers are not morally “evil” in the Judeo-Christian sense of the word; they are merely detrimental to the established and instinctual life urge exemplified by the Æsir and Vanir and expressed in mankind. Just as the thorn protects the rose, so too does Mjöllnir protect Midhgardhr and Asgardhr.

The TH-rune is the container of the life-death polarity. It is the ultimate power to assimilate potential energy of two extremes of kinetic energy into a pattern of action. Thurisaz is a projectable form of applied power. Generally, this may work as a limitation and direction of various energy-form binary pairs found throughout the rune row. That is, any rune that is essentially energetic (e .g., : ᚠ : ᚲ : ᛋ) may be combined with any rune that has primarily paradigmatic characteristics (e .g.,: ᚢ : ᚹ : ᛒ) by the TH-rune force and directed in a real way.

Thurisaz is also a rune of regeneration and fertilization. As the lightning heralds the crop-bringing rains, so the TH-rune breaks down barriers and fecundates so that new beginnings may be made. The thorn is the thorn of awakening that dispells the power of the svefnthorn (sleep-thorn).

This is the cosmic phallic power.


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