Helm of Awe ÆgishjálmrThe Helm of Awe (Aegishjalmur) is one of the most mysterious and powerful symbols in Norse mythology. The very appearance of this symbol is frightening. The shield is supposed to protect its owner, no matter what. Eight arms ended with a modified Elhaz rune (which in itself is protective) gives the power to capture the energy around us. By passing it through triple accumulators, they increase its power and lead it to the center, reflecting with increased power (reflecting from the circle located in the center of the symbol). The increased energy, pushed outwards, increases its strength once again (again passing through the amplifying element), to finally reach its source. Therefore, woe to our enemies who want to attack us on a physical or mental level. Why? Let’s say that someone wishes us wrong. Energy hits our environment. The Aegishjalmur catches it, intensifies, reflects, intensifies again and throws it at the sender. The symbol was also tattooed on the forehead (in the place of the third eye).

There is also an interpretation that the Aegishjalmur is 9 Scandinavian mythological worlds – 8 outer worlds and our human Midgard at the center. Based on this theory, this symbol could also be interpreted as a balance between all states of consciousness. Following this lead, we can also recognize that the Aegishjalmur is also a protection against uninvited guests from the immaterial world and their interference with us and our surroundings.


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